Fidelity Securities Launches Fixed Income Trust and Fidelity Balanced Trust


| December 20, 2019

Fidelity Securities Limited (FSL), the asset management subsidiary of Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited, has launched two collective investment schemes: Fidelity Balanced Trust and Fidelity Fixed Income Trust. The introduction of these two products will enable FSL reach a wider section of the investing public and help more Ghanaians in their quest to financial freedom.  Specifically, these products will target retail investors both local and nonresident Ghanaians, associations and Corporate Institutions who seek to build wealth to address future needs.


The Fidelity Fixed Income Trust is designed to offer investors a stable stream of income by investing in fixed income securities of high credit quality. Through this investment, investors will be able to build wealth steadily over time and have the opportunity to do more with their income. The Fidelity Balanced Trust on the other hand, offers a healthy balance between stability of income from the fixed income market and growth through capital appreciation from the equity market. This balance helps investors lower their risk while taking advantage of growth opportunities in the equity market.


The two products were launched at an event hosted at the Fidelity Bank Head Office at Ridge Tower, Accra. The event was attended by representatives from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Ministry of Finance, The National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA), corporate trustees, clients, management and staff of the Fidelity Bank Group and members of the press. The launch officially ushers in the IPO period, which spans from 1st October to 22nd October, 2019. Investors can visit any Fidelity Bank branch to fill and submit application forms and make their initial deposit.


In his welcome address, Sam Aidoo, Deputy Managing Director in charge of Wholesale Banking of Fidelity Bank, said that the launch of the products will enable Fidelity Securities broaden their reach and help more investors achieve their financial goals efficiently. “ Over the years and consistent with the standards of the Fidelity Group, Fidelity Securities has upheld high standards in corporate governance, risk management and professionalism, helping clients achieve sustainable growth over time. We believe the introduction of these two products will enable us broaden our scope and reach in supporting more Ghanaians to achieve their financial goals in a much efficient way.” He said.


While sharing details of the product features, the Head of Fidelity Securities Limited, Akwasi Adu-Boahene mentioned the following as some of the benefits of the products: Diversification across various asset classes to minimize investor risk; Access to professional Fund Management; Flexibility and ease of payment through Mobile Money, Fidelity Mobile App and Fidelity Bank branches nationwide.

Akwasi further shared that the initial minimum contribution for any of the two schemes is GHS100.00 with a minimum top up amount of GHS10.00. He added that, “Both investment products are open-ended and offer investors the opportunity to invest and redeem their funds whenever they need to.” He however recommended that investors kept their funds invested for longer in order to maximize their gains.

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