Our Investment Products.

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Fidelity Money Market Trust
The Fidelity Money Market Trust is an open-ended Unit Trust that will invest primarily in money market securities within Ghana. The Money Market Trust has an objective of preserving unit-holders value while enhancing unit holder’s liquidity to meet short term recurrent needs such as school fees, rent and other financial needs of the investor.
Fidelity Balanced Trust
The Fidelity Balanced Trust is an investment fund that offers you sustainable growth to suit your growing needs. With this investment, you get to enjoy a healthy blend of stability from the Fixed Income market and growth from the equity market. This balance helps you lower your risk while taking advantage of growth opportunities in the equity market. As your family grows, so do your needs. Invest in the Fidelity Balanced Trust today!
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Fidelity Fixed Income Trust
The Fidelity Fixed Income Trust is designed to help you boost your income by offering steady growth on your investment. This Fund invests in high quality fixed income securities with low risk, building your wealth steadily over time and affording you the opportunity to do more with your investment income. Increase your purchasing power with the Fidelity Fixed Income Trust. Invest today!