Fidelity Money Market Trust

The Fidelity Money Market Trust is an open-ended Unit Trust that will invest primarily in money market securities within Ghana. The Money Market Trust has an objective of preserving unit-holders value while enhancing unit holder’s liquidity to meet short term recurrent needs such as school fees, rent and other financial needs of the investor.

It further seeks to help clients meet their recurrent expenditure while preserving value. The funds provide enhanced liquidity to meet clients short term needs.

The Trust seeks to provide short term income and capital growth, by producing returns commensurate with the risk levels, based on careful attention to detail, extensive research and rigorous portfolio selection.


  • Diversification: Access to a wide variety of asset classes to diversify your risk.
  • Professional Management: Access to expertise of professional fund managers.
  • Ease and flexibility: Convenient channels to top up your investments. Mobile Money, Mobile Banking App, Fidelity Agent Points and all fidelity bank branches nationwide
  • Liquidity: Quick and easy access to your money when you need.
  • Tax Savings: Returns made on collective investment schemes are exempted from tax.
  • Avenues to build wealth: Fidelity Fixed Income Fund provides a perfect avenue for you to accumulate funds.


  • Initial Investment: GH¢ 100.00
  • Minimum top-up amount: GH¢ 10.00.
  • Liquidity: These are investments that are “as good as cash,” which means they’re easy to convert back into cash.
  • Tenor: The Fidelity Money Market Trust is an open-ended fund. You can thus invest and redeem your funds whenever you need to. We however recommend you keep your funds invested for longer to maximize your gains.
  • Applicable fees
    • Entry fee: None
    • Exit fee: None
    • Management fee: 2% of total Assets under Management per annum.
    • Trustee Fee: 0.4% Management fee per annum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can invest?                                                                                                                                             

The fund is suitable for all investors-Individuals, institutions and groups. It is the ideal investment vehicle for investors seeking stable growth from Money Market.

Individuals, ITFs accounts,  Institutions / Companies,  Pension Fund Managers,  Groups and Registered Association  and  Profit and Non-for-Profit Organization

How does it work?                                                                                                                               

Investor funds are pulled together and invested in various quality money market assets earning returns for unit holders. The fund is open ended and allows you to deposit regularly to increase your investment stake and as a result grow your wealth faster.

How can I start?                                                                                                                                            

Visit any Fidelity Bank Branch nationwide and complete an account opening form. You attach to your completed form, a photocopy of a valid ID card, and one passport size photo. An investment account number would be generated for you and then you can make your deposit.

What type of Assets will I own?                                                                                                                  You are buying a unit trust with its underlying assets in money market.  Your investment would be converted to units at a price. So in effect, you are a unit holder in the Fidelity Money Market Trust.

What are the returns?                                                                                                                               

There are no guaranteed returns on the fund, the  fund however seeks to outperform the benchmark of the 182 day Treasury bill rate

Are there any risks?                                                                                                                                     

Yes, like every investment, unit-holder will bear an inherent risk associated with money market such as interest rate fluctuations, inflation etc. This investment is classified as low risk..

How do I make withdrawals?

Download a form from our website or visit any Fidelity Bank branch and complete a withdrawal form for a portion of or for your entire investment.

When can I start?
NOW is the best time to start.